Worship Style

Our approach at South Arm to worship comes closest to what is called “blended worship.”

We sing some traditional hymns, some modern hymns, and include some even more modern worship songs along the way. We are blessed with the lively worship ministry of our Chancel Choir, our Gospel Choir, and numerous musicians on a variety of instruments.

Our worship is structured and friendly (i.e., non-formal) and often quite interactive, with our ordained minister choosing more often than not to wander away from the pulpit at various points during worship. South Arm United makes use of the Revised Common Lectionary, a series of assigned scripture texts for each Sunday very widely used around the world and across denominational lines.

We are committed to building inclusive community as we worship together at South Arm United Church. While this is a multi-facetted commitment, here are some of the things we can expect on any given Sunday morning:

  • that the scriptures will be read from a number of different translations, each of which will likely be slightly adapted to make the language as inclusive as possible;
  • that the language of traditional hymns will be respected as the testimony of our forebears in the faith;
  • that options for inclusively adapting hymn language will be pursued;
  • that the traditional language of the church will appear, as our inclusive community includes those from a variety of backgrounds and cultures for whom the traditional language has great meaning;
  • that guest preachers/worship leaders will use the language for God and faith which has the most meaning for them as our sisters/brothers in God’s family;
  • that the language, metaphors and images used by our ordained minister might reflect the United Church’s commitment to inclusivity.